JPS Africa: A world of opportunity post transition

JPS Africa (previously Jhpiego South Africa) is a non-profit organisation registered in South Africa in terms of Section 21 of the Companies Act of 1973 (as amended). JPS Africa currently works on four major projects which share a common goal of increasing access to high-quality HIV and AIDS services in South Africa. Since 2007, JPS Africa has worked with groups from the community level to the national level in order to build sustainable local capacity through advocacy, policy development, and quality and performance improvement approaches. In addition to this, JPS Africa offers the necessary high-quality experience implementing HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support programmes and effective management skills to successfully execute and provide technical assistance in related fields.

JPS Africa maintains a two-tier capacity with regards to strategic direction, namely at board level and at management level. The JPS Africa Board includes the Managing Director and non-executive board members with strategic skills in various areas.

The final transition of JPS Africa from JHPIEGO on the 3rd of December 2015, like other local entities, has become increasingly popular because of the changing donor landscape and multiple not for profit organisations competing in the same space. The transition involved a variety of risks that had to be considered, including the potential loss of both revenue and cost synergies; disruptions to the business as a result of the transition; separation costs; and possible increased susceptibility to unsolicited takeover activity. JPS Africa decided on an approach that facilitated the least interruption in operation and continued to use global evidence-based models to simplify the already-complex process of transitioning the company into a brand new entity with its own identity and branding. During this phase, continuity of service was maintained as fundamental to the success of the transition. The transition no doubt placed great demands on leadership and Health Care Providers across the organisation, which resulted in varied responses that often lead to confusion and exasperation within operational teams. JPS Africa leadership committed time and effort to successfully mitigate these.

Accompanying the new name are new symbols for the company and branding strategy over multiple platforms that will emphasise the creativity of its brand and digital media. A new video, website, advertising campaign and newsletter are among the ways the company intends to promote its new brand to stakeholders.

Ida Asia, JPS Africa Managing Director is confident of the organisation’s competitive strength in the HIV /AIDS and TB prevention, treatment and care capabilities. Our extensive experience in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support projects across the country has delivered exceptional management, clinical expertise and unrivalled commitment to quality and improved operational efficiency.

The post-transition phase is challenging but JPS Africa looks inward, committed to staying active within the space and to courageously forge on, building on the opportunities and current strengths of the organisation. In collaboration with our expert partners and supporters, JPS Africa continues to grow and lead the road ahead in our focus areas, addressing the needs and demands of the Department of Health and communities we serve.




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