Through the looking glass – we take a look at what’s happening in the NGO and Public Health Sector in South Africa

Through The Looking Glass – JPS Africa on What’s Happening in the NGO and Public Health Sector in South Africa

It’s easy to just use the umbrella term ‘NGO’ for all the positive and uplifting events, programmes and workshops taking place in this country. But what we forget, is that there are numerous categories and different sectors that deserve individual attention. We are talking about the game-changers, the innovators, those that will stop at nothing to be the change they want to see in this world. JPS Africa is proud to list some of these organisations/programmes and sharing with you the latest news.

This article will celebrate some of these trending companies, causes and discuss the concerns within the NGO and Public Health Sector in South Africa:


During October 2015, M2M featured and promoted their latest findings at the Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference in Mexico City. At this conference strategies for improved and quality newborn and mother health care were discussed. Mothers2mothers, represented by Stephano Sandfolo, shared the findings on the effectiveness of their new tracking tool that improves retention in care of HIV-positive mothers and their babies.

This tool is called The Client Appointment Diary and helps Mentor Mothers to keep track of their clients’ priority appointments and should they miss an appointment, they can be contacted via text messages, home visits or phone calls. The tool also provides the user with a monthly summary sheet that tracked daily records.

In M2M news, SA-born Victoria’s Secret Model, Candice Swanepoel is part of a collaboration with Mothers2Mothers, to create an effortless denim-line where the proceeds go to Mothers2Mothers! What a great way to celebrate your influence and how you can help prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission.

NGO Recruit Africa shared an informative chart that lists the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, urging every individual to get involved in areas that meet their skills and qualifications. A great reminder that we all have a role to play.

Thisability Newspaper

This disability awareness newspaper has been around for more than 10 years. Started by Anthony Cuerden and Simon Manda they have the same vision of creating a network of people and services aimed at assisting disabled people while also educating the public and caregivers on the challenges faced.

The paper features articles, recommended books and resources, sport and recreational achievements and disability organisations. Get involved by advertising on the page’s website or contact info@thisability to hear how you can get involved.

Reported by All Africa

At the recent SADC Parliamentary Forum Workshop, held in Johannesburg, South Africa – a call has been made for journalists to report on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights issues in a more interesting and simplified manner. This is something that JPS Africa echoes as a high priority in communications within the health and NGO sector.

The SADC PF also announced that alongside support from the Swedish and Norwegian Embassies, will launch a media awards event to take place where journalist are praised in according with their reporting on SRHR, HIV and AIDS issues. There are four cash prizes at US$ 1 000 each, and the awards will be handed out in August 2016.

South African Breast Milk Reserve (SABR)

Organisations such as the South African Breast Milk Reserve encourage healthy mothers to donate their breast milk, which is then pasteurised. This campaign is in accordance with South Africa’s health goals set out in the National Development plan of ‘reducing maternal, infant and child mortality from 56 to below 30 per 1 000 live births, and reducing mother-to-child HIV transmissions to zero by 2030’.

Receiving breast milk from donor mothers is crucial in South Africa where so many mothers and women are HIV-positive. The SABR is expanding fast, and runs over 44 milk banks across the country, feeding 1 689 babies in 2014 and almost doubled the amount this year. Support this amazing cause by donating money or signing up as a volunteer.


POWA is a “feminist, women’s rights organisation that provides both services, and engages in advocacy in order to ensure the realisation of women’s rights and thereby improve women’s quality of life”.

This powerful organisations is aimed at providing support in every aspect for those that have fallen victim to rape, violence and domestic abuse in South Africa. They do this by offering frontline services such as shelter and counseling to victims, legal advice, awareness through social and print media, training and development as well as feminist research. The community can get involved by donating money, clothing and books or volunteering with the organisation.

This is just a glimpse of the remarkable campaigns and projects that are actively pursued in South Africa. JPS Africa is focused on enabling lives and bringing change to our society with a focus on NGOs and the Health Sector of Africa. We are a nation rich with possibility and by uniting our efforts we can make a change in the lives of others, and the lives of tomorrow.




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